“Yogah karmasu kaushalam”, meaning “excellence in action is yoga” has been my guiding mantra as I went about establishing the FIITJEE Group. Excellence is action is achievable only if one aims for perfection. Perfection is making the best efforts within the constraint of space, time and resources.

The FIITJEE Group always strives for perfection in providing effective and innovative solutions to empower students and their careers. In doing so we have grown from a forum that only prepared students for IIT – JEE, to an education platform that aims to empower all students and their search for best career options. All this has been possible due to our emphasis on perfection.

I would like to share with you the story of USA UnivQuest – why it was conceived and what lies ahead.

As I have already shared with you, all initiatives of the FIITJEE Group has the best interests of the students as its central goal. USA UnivQuest was also formed keeping this central interest in mind. Around the mid 1990’s, on the request my friend and fellow IITian Mr. H. R Vaish, we started actively seeking globally reputed, quality education options for deserving students who somehow were not absorbed by the IIT’s.

FIITJEE assisted such students to gain admission in world’s best universities, better than the best in India. At FIITJEE we kept a close eye on the progress of these students. We created a separate action plan to enable these students to progress towards their academic goals. As soon as these students progressed to class 11 and 12, we would conduct various sessions to enhance their prospects of gaining admission in a leading university of their choice.

We realised that if the goal of each of these deserving students was to be an engineer, they would be able to reach that goal by graduating from universities ranked higher than the IIT’s. We then directed ourselves in making sure that these students gained admission in the best possible university that suited their profile.

Thus was born USA UnivQuest. USA UnivQuest gives hope to students who are forced to compromise due to lack of quality options in India. USA UnivQuest offers a platform that allows students to break free from the higher education system in India that offers negligible opportunities to a huge number of deserving students.

USA UnivQuest is currently operating more like a philanthropic CSR initiative of the FIITJEE Group. For every rupee spent by the student, we spend Rs X in training them for admission in best ranked universities across the world. However, we will continue with our efforts to innovate and create solutions that make perfection easier to achieve for our students.

USA UnivQuest will be the beacon light of hope for the millions of students across India, who aspire for success in their career and happiness in their daily lives.


D. K. Goel
(Founder Chairman & Chief Mentor)