From the heart of our Students of Recent Batch

Abdur Rahman: USA UnivQuest has been an important contributor towards my success

It was great experience to be a part of USA UnivQuest. The best thing about this institution is that it is a one stop destination for all the requirements for admissions abroad, from school education to standardized tests to advice on college selection USA UnivQuest has been able to assist and guide me in all possible ways. I believe that the pioneering model of education and advice available here will surely guide many students and will help a lot of students who wish to pursue education in the best universities of the world. The teachers here are of lot of help and have strong hold of their respective subjects. Another good aspect is the student teacher ratio. The class room sizes are very small which help in greater individual attention given to the students. Overall I would say that USA UnivQuest has been an important contributor towards my success and will continue to help students achieve their dreams.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Shivan Mittal.: My results at school were consistently good and so were the results of the standardized tests

I joined USA UnivQuest with the intent of acquiring help in organizing my schedule to apply to Universities, and this institute completely lived up to my expectations if not exceeded them. My results at school were consistently good and so were the results of the standardized tests, thanks to the USA UnivQuest faculty. Apart from all the academic and organizing help I was provided with, I have made many great friends in this endeavor to study abroad. And now that I leave, I do so with unforgettable experiences and true education.

Friday, 24 June 2016


Trying to be honest, I was really distressed and frightened about the glorified names like- STANFORD AND MIT-as to how to get in. I came to Delhi against the strict wishes of parents. The day I had joined USUQ-SDC, I expected it to be nothing better than a journey full of hustle-bustle but eventually some things did get right!

Always dreaming to be matriculated in an institution better than HARVARD, I joined USUQ-SD on May 3rd, 2015. This intellectually edifying journey started with Mrs. Nidhi Sharma Ma’am, about whom I heard as the “best counselor in India”, by Sanjeev Panday Sir.….and in the long run, ma’am did prove to be that very helpful, answering all my questions that I had redundantly asked her (just to make sure that I was on the right track). A lot of thanks, mam.

I don’t know why but just after having taken the classes for a week, I started to feel that the faculty members were just like my old friends.

I am really sorry to Mr. Joseph Jose Sir; I really used him as one of my “biggest punching-bags” that I could ever have, ready to listen to me any of concerns ranging from academic to personal. I thank sir for being so helpful.

It is not that I had a really good time here. Haha! Like, I had given my College Board email ID and password to one of the staff members, to reschedule my subject test. As a matter of chance or so, the person got my whole test cancelled. For which my school counselor Mrs. Chanda Ma’am talked, tried hard and at last got my scores back. Nidhi Ma’am, it’s there that I would suggest you to change your helper.

Just like all the fingers are not of the same length, all the “people” do not prove to be your assets even if you need their help. Hehe. For e.g. someone in the faculty was highly concerned about gaining popularity and high self worth among the kids which though instantly made the student feel that he should get his teacher changed. The child being a novice in “the study abroad education” agreed to do so. And, when the student denied doing so, the faculty member didn’t even bother about the child’s ongoing academic record. But what I really got to “learn” the most important thing was how to deal with people!

Since I had never stayed independently (five hundred kilometers away from your family) I got to grow intellectually as well. Apart from growing academically, the Joseph Sir, the Venkata Sir, the Vivek Jha Sir and the Akitav Sir helped me a lot in growing in some of the intangible qualities that a person, as an overall, needs to have and so much so that I think that all the “learnings” that I gained in the tenure of 8 months here in Delhi shall help in writing a self-help book for the other kids…

It was a sort of “pre-college” journey. Had all these things happened in my college, I would have been dumb-founded in the foreign land. So, on the whole, I would like to say the journey was thoroughly edifying and the learnings on “how to deal with people” shall help me in leading a better college life.

Finally I, hereby, end up with getting into UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND- COLLEGE PARK, reverberating “PAISA WASOOL!!!”-Haha!

 Thanking you,

Friday, 24 June 2016

Saydain Sheikh: In USA Univquest, all the teachers trusted my abilities more than I do.

If you put your faith in good hands, the results are going to be amazing. In USA Univquest, all the teachers trusted my abilities more than I do. They are always ready to help any student with any number of queries. Here, I have seen drastic change in myself to take hold of my responsibility and focus more on what is important for me. The kind of environment it has is full of energy and invigorates one to study and gain knowledge for better. I want to thank all my teachers for their constant support and also because they made me realize my dream to be in Rutgers University where education is of great essence.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Shraddha Anand: I’m glad I joined UnivQuest.

The USA UnivQuest is a place unlike any other. In addition to being a highly effective guide for students like me who wish to study abroad, it provides the study material required to ace the different exams such as the SATs. Here I also found friends, more often than not in the capacity of teachers, who I know I will be in touch with even years from today. I’m glad I joined UnivQuest.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Samyukta Vaijyanaath: I am grateful to the administrative staff at USAUnivQuest for continuing to assist me in achieving m…

I joined USAUnivQuest in order to prepare for undergraduate admissions abroad. My experience here while preparing for the SAT was extremely positive. The faculty is well-qualified and prepared to handle any problem faced by a student.

My mentors for the SAT Reasoning were especially helpful and guided me on every aspect of the exam. Thanks to them, a challenging test became an easy feat to accomplish for me.  USA UnivQuest also provided me with ample opportunities to improve my scores, like regular mock tests in an exam-simulated environment and useful test-taking tips. Each student receives individual and holistic attention here, as I did, which resulted in my getting a score of 2340/2400 on the SAT.

I am grateful to the administrative staff at USAUnivQuest for continuing to assist me in achieving my goals.

Friday, 24 June 2016

SATVIK SHUKLA: This institute helped me to ‘evolve’ in many respects with the most decisive being my writing and re…

USAUnivquest. What I thought would be just another learning institution, turned out to be much more than that. Initially started off as a secondary option for my career, it made me realize the plethora of wonderful opportunities that were waiting for me on the other side. It was not only vital in making me change my focus and aspirations but also it made capable of achieving those aspirations.

This institute helped me to ‘evolve’ in many respects with the most decisive being my writing and reading skills. The tenacious efforts of the faculty to get the best out of every student is a prospect that I have always admired. The peculiar teaching techniques and the cordial atmosphere make it all the more unique and praiseworthy. With so many people to interact with, the scope of learning is endless. Knowledge seems to have been bestowed here by a mythological creature and there was never a day when I ended the day without adding something new to my existing stack of information. It had been flexible in adapting to my requirements with the faculty always being there whenever I needed them to be.

USAUnivquest not only helped me to ace SAT II but also helped to score well in SAT I, TOEFL and AP. I would recommend this institute highly to anyone who is looking forward to making the dreams of studying abroad in a top-notch university come true.

Friday, 24 June 2016


From the heart of a Student who experienced our Goal Setting after EVT

Jastej singh ( ): EVT Goal Setting

Had an amazing experience with USA UnivQuest Team regarding my Goal Setting exercise. It was such an eye opener and valuable inputs from faculty enhanced the whole experience. Thanks USA UnivQuest.

Saturday, 06 December 2014