At USA UnivQuest, we are focussed on giving you unprejudiced guidance and the best possible training to help you accomplish your interests.We provide information, consultation and education to each and every student aspiring to study in the US.

sat-and-allWe offer a wide variety of courses each aiming success at exams like SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP and TOEFL. Our courses are student centric and thus focus on academic as well as personality growth of students. Our team of efficient counsellors are trained to provide the best possible options to students. Exams like SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP and TOEFL are set for target attempt dates and then the journey from preparation to excellence begins. Each and every student appearing for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP or TOEFL is trained not only on intellect but also on his/her exam temperament, writing skills, tips and tricks to deal with such exams.

At USUQ, our job never ends with your preparation; we take sole responsibility of your dream. We provide our incessant support to you throughout the application process, from helping you choose the best possible institution/course to making your application, managing your finances, visa, pre-departure services and much more.

A brief about the exams will help your understand our services better.


The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the US. It assesses a student’s academic readiness for college. The SAT tests a student’s knowledge of reading, writing and math. The SAT is owned, published, and developed by the College Board, a non-profit organization in the United States.

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SAT Subject Test

The SAT Subject Tests can enhance a student’s college admission chances. With SAT subject Tests, a student can exhibit his excellence in specific subjects, and showcase his achievements and interests. SAT Subject Tests scores enable a student to augment his/her chances of getting admission to specific programs in college.

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AP (Advanced Placement Test)

In addition to the SAT, a student can appear for Advanced Placement test to enhance his/her chances of admission to US universities and colleges. Advanced Placement (AP) exams are administered by the American College Board in the U.S. for secondary school students. The AP program offers college level courses just after XI standard, thus providing one year benefit to the students. The syllabus of AP is of college level and is meant for students with high academic excellence.

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TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language, evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting. It evaluates how well an individual can combine Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills to perform academic tasks. TOEFL score is the requisite for non-native speakers of English at the time of admission in colleges and universities abroad.

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