After a successful stint in the competitive IIT JEE industry, FIITJEE ventured into the overseas education arena as USA UnivQuest. Laying its foundation in 1998, USA UnivQuest began as an attempt to aid students who failed to make it to universities/colleges in India.

Basically, we were helping students in their university quest in the USA. Gradually progressing, from just an information center, we became the one-stop solution for all the problems / apprehensions / queries owing to overseas education.

You are UniqueOur students aimed for the best in education across the world, and keeping up our spirit of excellence and delivery, we ardently started to work towards it. More than two decades later, we behold exceptional results and unbeatable success stories. And here we are today, as USA UnivQuest – a unique, only one-of-its-kind concept that makes you aim and achieve the world’s best in education.


We have pioneered the antics of building skills and enhancing the capacity of individuals and have handheld many to reach their academic goals. We, at USUQ, are committed to instill excellence and provide the best possible opportunities to students to get through the best universities/colleges in the world.

You need USA UnivQuestWe changed the whole scenario of overseas education in India and now we believe in complete student servicing. We, as an institution, laboriously work to settle all your problems when aiming of admission in the US. Our team of skilled teachers and counselors accustom your aspirations and your academic standing to chart out the best for your career.