Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

List of Prominent Courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Engineering : 35.0%
  • Computer and Information Sciences : 22.0%
  • Mathematics : 10.0%
  • Biology : 9.0%
  • Physical Sciences : 9.0%

Famous Personalities from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  1. William Reddington Hewlett: Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard (HP) company
  2. John M. Deutch: worked as the Director of Central Intelligence during the presidentship of Bill Clinton
  3. Kofi Annan: Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and winner of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize
  4. Robert Metcalfe: credited for inventing the Metcalfe’s Law

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    I’m 14 and very much aspirant to join massachusetts university of technology as it is best in the world for aerospace engineering. so please tell me how to join usunivquest program in BHOPAL,MP India.

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