Integrated School Program

USA UnivQuest Integrated School Programs aim to redefine school education in India. USA UnivQuest’s mantra of Education Redefined stands on three main pillars:

n1A student focused high-school curriculum comparable to the highest international standards:

USA UnivQuest believes that a truly student-focused system of education should have three key components: choice, customization and focus on mastery. USA UnivQuest offers all the three. USA UnivQuest offers a choice of more than 16 Advanced Placement subjects, 6 SAT Subjects, apart from preparation for a wide range of school curriculum, including – CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE, IB and a few State Boards. No other institute in India offers the variety of subject choices that USA UnivQuest does. Our students are free to choose as many subjects as their appetite allows them.


A learning culture that arouses curiosity and competitiveness leading to extraordinary academic outcomes:

Learning is a culture. At USA UnivQuest, our learning culture endeavours to light a fire in the mind and kindle the imagination of our students. There is no substitute for hard work – USA UnivQuest programs are rigorous but flexible enough to accomodate all student profiles.
The learning culture at USA UnivQuest has led to unparalled tangible results: USA UnivQuest students are years ahead of Indian and global peers in math, reading, and science. USA UnivQuest students are intellectually curious, love learning, and regularly attend the world’s most prestigious and respected higher learning institutions.


Preparing students for success in a changing world:

Today’s students need to master five key skills to be successful in the new world of work. These skills are critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration and leadership; effective oral and written communication; curiosity and imagination; and analysis of big data. Through an integrated curriculum, USA UnivQuest has a
focus on honing these five critical skills for career success.

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