The SAT Subject Tests can enhance a student’s college admission chances.

With SAT subject Tests, a student can exhibit his excellence in specific subjects, and showcase his achievements and interests. SAT Subject Tests scores enable a student to augment his/her chances of getting admission to specific programs in college. In addition to the SAT, most selective US Universities / Colleges recommend applicants to submit scores for SAT Subject Tests. The top-notch Engineering schools in US require Chemistry or Physics and prefer Math Level 2. A handful of the most competitive universities, such as Harvard University, still require three Subject Tests in addition to the three sections of the SAT.

SAT Subject Tests is the collective name for 20 multiple-choice standardized tests given on five subjects – English, History, Languages, Mathematics, and Science. These are hour-long tests and consist entirely of multiple-choice questions.

SAT Subject Tests Structure

SAT Subject Tests are exclusively multiple-choice. A student may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on any given date. Most SAT Subject Tests are offered on the same day as the regular SAT. At present, USA UnivQuest offers the following subjects for the SAT Subject Tests preparation.


The Physics Subject Test measures your ability to solve specific problems with the application of principles of Physics. The test also assesses your understanding of simple trigonometric, and graphical relationships, the concepts of ratio and proportion, and how to apply these concepts to physics problems.


The Chemistry Subject Test measures your ability to organize and interpret results obtained by observation and experimentation. The test also assesses your aptitude for drawing conclusions and/or making inferences using experimental data, including data presented in graphical and/or tabular form.

Math Level 1

The Math Subject Test (Level 1) evaluates Algebra, Geometry, Basic Trigonometry, Algebraic Functions, Elementary Statistics, Logic, Elementary Number Theory, and Arithmetic and Geometric sequences.

Math Level 2

The Math Subject Test (Level 2) evaluates Algebra, Three-dimensional and Coordinate geometry, Trigonometry, Functions, Probability, Permutations, Combinations, Logic, Proofs, Elementary Number Theory, Sequences, and Limits.


The Biology Subject Test assesses your understanding of General Biology at the college preparatory level, your recall and comprehension of the major concepts of Biology, and your ability to apply the principles learned to solve specific problems in Biology.