From Small Town to Wall Street, on Track to being a Millionaire

Jaswinder is a shining example of Success REDEFINED. “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success”, was Jaswinder’s motto. Like a majority of his peers, he was interested in being admitted to the IITs. Why? He did not know.

Jaswinder’s secret passion was to play the Tabla. He soon realized that the IITs and the Tabla could not go together. He redefined success. To him success was the end result – to be a successful professional. He decided to expand his horizons overseas.

Jaswinder soon realized that what was hampering him in India (his passion for the Tabla), would turn into an asset, if he applied for admissions in the USA. Jaswinder focused his attention on admission to the World’s Best Universities in USA.

At the University of California, Berkeley he was the Co-founder and Instructor of the Tabla Decal Club.

He also interned in Germany as a Mathematics Researcher. Apart from that, he has more than a year’s experience as an intern at various companies in the USA.

Currently, Jaswinder is working as a Quantitative Analyst at CITI BANK, New York


From a small school in Ludhiana to the big city of New York – Jaswinder is living his dreams ! You can too !!