Mr. Rajiv Goel and Mrs. Kavita Goel (Parents of Rahul Goel – University of California, Berkley)

We, the parents of Rahul Goel, are highly grateful to the team of educators and counselors at USA UnivQuest. Their valuable insights and ceaseless guidance has helped our son achieve what he had always aspired for.

The relentless efforts of our son were inspired by the incessant support of the adept faculty members at USA UnivQuest, who worked beyond their capacity to classify his doubts and facilitate understanding.

Rahul is currently pursuing B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkley, USA. Getting into a foreign university of such fame and repute wasn’t easy. However, as parents we realized that we must aid our ward’s interest in any possible manner. It was then that we felt the need for specialized coaching and instruction for him. Several institutes, basking of superior performances were available. After a comparative analysis of all, one institute which seemed most grounded in principles and reflected trust with individual concern was USA UnivQuest.

Besides SAT-I and SAT-II, they also helped him to prepare for TOEFL. The faculty also assisted him throughout the application process and even after he got into Berkley.

Mr. R.P. Punjani and Mrs. Preeti Punjani (parents of Samdisha Punjani – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

At this moment, I feel extremely jubilant while penning down my sojourn with USA UnivQuest as a proud parent. My daughter, Samdisha, is a hard working and intelligent student. But, I came to terms with her incisiveness whose she look a crucial decision of joining USA UnivQuest, although she was preparing for IIT-JEE. All thanks to USUQ team that they counseled her and made her foresee a bright future that was awaiting her at a country like USA! It is dream come true for me and my child as we never imagined that a repertoire of valuable information provided by this overseas education institute will make such a big difference in our lives now.

Though we had enrolled Samdisha a bit late as per the curriculum and course span at the institute, still they managed to prepare her for all her standardized tests. Her results were quite satisfactory. Her applications were done marvelously. She was guided for each and everything USUQ. They treat every student as their own kid and groom them by developing a personal bond with them. The professionalism with which they delivered work was simply outstanding. Be it classes, phase tests, extra hours of mentoring or applications – they are the master of all.

For people like us, who are simply unaware about nitty-gritty of overseas education, USUQ is boon as they guide you with all ethics and morality. I can’t thank them enough for the direction they have given to my daughter. She is all geared up to unfold her new journey at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. All credit goes to USUQ for transforming my kids life in the best way possible!

Mr. Neeraj Gupta and Mrs. Preeti Gupta (Parents of Shagun Gupta – University of California, San Diego)

Right kind of information, right ambience and a rewarding career is what I as a parent was concerned about my child who excelled in her CBSE Board Exams. Looking for a Good SAT coaching institute on the internet had become part of my job ever sinc. She entered in her 11th grad.

I was assured of my success like of every other kid there ! However I take life with a pinch of a salt and had my own set of doubts and misgivings about the kind of commitments that the institute made ! But, they were not just commitments but my future written with a golden pen ! Yes, I got what I desired with their efforts ! I got into my dream university because USAQ taught me that I had to deserved before I actually desired !