Intellectual Curiosity & Leadership leads to admission in Ivy League

Student of FIITJEE Jr. College

Rekha fits the bill of an “ideal” student for the USA UnivQuest Integrated School Program. Not only was she academically inclined, but was also intellectually curious.

A typical USA UnivQuest student adept at wearing many hats, the stand-out feature of her impressive list of achievements is that she is the Founder & President of Flip That Pack, an NGO that in now present in 7 countries across the world.

Flip That Pack is an initiative for educating people on how they can protect themselves from carcinogenic additives in packaged foods.

Thanks to the strong mentoring support that Rekha had
received at USA UnivQuest, she will be studying at an Ivy
League College in USA.

Azo dyes particularly tartrazine, the most commonly used food dye with known toxin effects is her area of research.

Rekha is on her way to being a Global Citizen!