Advanced Placement leads to unconditional Admission at Cambridge

Shubham Aggarwal Student of Delhi Public School, RK Puram

Shubham had an abiding interest in Mathematics,coupled with a love for Computers.

He joined a long term IIT-JEE preparation Program in Class IX, Thereafter he shifted to USA UnivQuest in Class XI.

His results speak of his academic brilliance – Rank 2 in JSTSE, 2013; NTSE Scholar in 2014 and KVPY Fellow in 2015. But Shubham was not interested in just memorizing his books.

He wanted to nurture an identity that blossomed in myriad ways. However, in an IIT Preparation Program, with an overwhelmingly strong academic focus, pursuing his hobbies and interests would have become impossible. He therefore welcomed the nurturing atmosphere at USA UnivQuest.

At USA UnivQuest, the ‘real’ Shubham was encouraged and allowed to blossom. As a result, Shubham showed his true colors. Apart from authoring a research paper in Mathematics, he also won a full scholarship at PROMYS, Boston University. Internationally he was ranked 2 in the Unified Cyber Olympiad.

To showcase his love for Computer Science, he obtained certifications in Java programming, Graphic Designing and Security Analytics from Oracle, Adobe and Lucideus respectively.

Cambridge University recognised Shubham’s efforts by offering him an unconditional admission. Less than 1% of students from India receive admission in Cambridge. Moreover, students following CBSE/ISC curriculum normally receive an admission offer that is conditional on performance in IIT-JEE.

However, Shubham received due recognition for the Advanced Placement courses that he had completed at USA UnivQuest. Not only did his scores in Advanced Placement earn him an extra 290 UCAS tariff points, but it also ensured that he receive an unconditional offer of admission in Cambridge University.


Shubham is someone who defies conventional logic, builds dreams and achieves the impossible. If you would like to follow in his steps, speak to his mentors at USA UnivQuest !